Does Transylvania Make Money for Romania?

In one word : Yes.

On many sites they have reported that 35% of the gross domestic product of Romania comes from Transylvania ( the province)  which is very interesting.  Most of the products are primary resources and that makes more work for more people in the area.

Transylvania is important to the country of Romania, and it is important to Europe due to its land, and history.


clau2002 said…
Does Toronto makes money for Canada?Stupid question isn"t it?
No, as a matter of fact it does not, and Totoront is a city is you want to compare correctly, you would need to ask does Ontario make money for Canada, in which case the answr is no. It is a "have not" province.
Jason said…
hmm, does a province or a state make money for a place due to the GDP of said state? I am not sure if it makes it important or not.