A Kings' Brother and his Death: Transylvanian Connection

King George I of Great Britain, had brothers, who might have become kings of England, except for one very simple fact.  Except for his youngest brother Ernest Augustus, they all died before him, and George II his son
was fortunate enough to have a large brood of children ( it was only him and his sister.)

But that is British History correct? 

Well correct, except for a bit of interesting research work done by Alison Wier in her book Britain's Royal Families.  There is a small Transylvanian connection.

Fredrick Augustus who was one year younger than George, was born in Hanover, but he died in the battle of St. Georgen in 1690, where it is listed he died in Siebenburgen, Transylvania.

The battle was against the Turks, and this is one of the few time Transylvania is mentioned through this whole book, except for one other person who was related by blood to this person.  Queen Maria of Romania, she would be Fredrick's great-great-great-great-great-great-niece, and she was married to the King Ferdinand of Romania.

Another Transylvania Connection with Germany and England.