Transylvania and Dracula and the Blood Countess

Transylvania is populated with some very interesting people and two actual historical people who made their mark on the land are: Vlad Dracul and Elizabeth Bathory.  Both seem to have lead very different lives, and yet in one book: 100 Tyrants, they are both listed due to their more infamous parts of their lives.

Vlad was know for killing his enemies by driving a stake through them, and Bathory was known as the blood countess for killing as many as 600 young women to keep her beauty forever.

So what makes these so entwined with Transylvania?

Vald was born in Transylvania and spent many years there, and Bathory lived there until her death ( walled up in her castle room (the castle is now in a par reserve where it ruins can be seen)


Anonymous said…
what other things did this blood countess do to get this punishment? Or best yet why wasn't she killed for these crimes?