Why Transylvania when Romania is the Country?

Because even parts of a country can be fascinating, but also since my ancestors are from the area, it is more interesting to me, as opposed to say Wallachia, where the heart of Romania is.


clau2002 said…
Yo should do more reaserch Rebecca.On the map you post here you present Banat,Crisana and Maramures as subdivisions of Transilvania(Transylvania may be the fictional region in Bram Stoker fantasies)which is not accurate.Romania has nine historical provinces;BANAT,BUCOVINA,CRISANA,DOBROGEA,MARAMURES,MOLDOVA,MUNTENIA,OLTENIA and TRANSILVANIA.The tenth province called BASARABIA, due to first Rusian and later soviet ocupation became what is known today as REPUBLICA MOLDOVA an independent state.
clau-- teh map shows Trnayslvania in Europe not romania.
Anonymous said…
claus2002-- she is right, the map shows Europe and points to Romania and a line with Transylvania... try to be smarter next time.