Blogs and Transylvania: Transylvania on The Internet

While I prefer not to think much about blogs and who is writing what sort of blog, I was running a small Internet search on Google.  I was asking myself, about the content of my next blog post, and I wanted to get an idea of what was out there in terms of facts that people can find elsewhere, such as a library or archives.

I have spent time asking the Romanian consulate in the area, abut information regarding Transylvania, and they have been more than generous about pointing me in the correct direction.  Still, they did point out a few websites which they said were of interest.

I typed in the search terms they suggested, and the top listing was this site....I had done a blog post about Transylvania and the Internet, and that was number one on Google.  Shows me that blogs are important, and this means on need to relay information about Transylvania as best one can.

That includes everything about Dracula and other myths, but also the history and people of the land.  Writers such as Bram Stoker, have played an important role in teh torism indutry for Transylvania both in writing in books and on the Internet, but Transylvania is important to Romania and to Europe otherwise.