Is Transylvania a place you would travel to?

Yes, I know you are reading a site on Transylvania, and you like the idea, but if you live far away this might be something more of a dream, or because you do not have the money for an all out tour...

After seeing such pictures is Transylvania a place you would go and travel to this place?  A lot of people who live in North America do not think of all the places that they can see in a small area, but Transylvania, has so much to offer.

From Alba Iluia to the mountains and rivers, I am certain this is a place I would go to.  I think I am certain to see water buffalo as well. (don't believe me, check out a book called.. Transylvania to see pictures of these animals.)

Still, to be there for a while will cost money, but if money isn't a big thing and you want to go... what would be the first place you would visit?