Transylvania... or Other Matters of History

I find history a interesting subject, but I also find that everyone has a view on "their history"

Take the Saxons for instance.  A proud race living on their own in Transylvania... forced to pay high taxes, all the time, but they kept their traditions in Transylvania, then they were forced to leave, and they have lost their past...

Okay, cute (now before you go asking for my head, please understand I am of Saxons origin, so I am also poking fun at myself)

The Saxons, came to Transylvania in the 1100 at the invitation of a Hungarian King, and there were about 2,000-3,000 people who came.  They settled the land and were, more importantly at the time Catholics.  Yes there were taxes, but they weren't as high as those placed on other communities.  What goes around comes around, and the land ( they voted to place their allegiance with the Romanian Government... a fact Saxons love to ignore) was given to Romania in 1919.  They faced more taxes, yet still were allowed to keep much of their land and religion, but were still taxed.  They weer ordered evacuated in 1944 and many in Northern Transylvania left while many in the Southern Transylvania were sent to Soviet labour camps.

Of course, many will state that was the end of Saxons in Transylvania. They forget many still lived there after the war, and even now some do.  So, yes even now Transylvania still has the Saxons living there, but not as many as there once were.

Truth can be a hard thing to swallow.