Writing and Publishing Books on Transylvania? Is There Money/ Readership in it?

There is a huge topic of discussion about writing and publishing, but the fact remains that often, a book can be controversial and can have far reaching effects on readers.  This can be said of the topic of Transylvania, where for the most part if the topic is not about Dracula, then there is not much of a readership... or is there?

There is a strong group of people who did, and still do, live in Transylvania who are interested in topics, such as the history, or the people of Transylvania.  Publishinga  book is very improtant to building a idea about what Transylvania is all about.

These people have the ability to make any subject interesting.  It is not hard, since Transylvania itself has such a long and varied history that you can find something from royalty to people that have left their mark on the land.

So, I do believe that there is a readership about the topic and the place of Transylvania.


jason said…
there is a readership, but you have to look hard for it... are you really writing a book?