Transylvania and Its History and Culture

I find it amazing when my readers find an bit of interesting facts on one of my online articles and then completely forget I have others on a similar topic.

The people of Transylvania are fascinating, and often when someone has a view that is quite nationalistic I try to show a bit of what or how they think to others.  One was an email.  The comments on this hub have been the lifeblood to it, and to others.

Still, some comments have great points, here in North America we have a totally different view on culture and nation.  After all many of the places people live have different cultures, but there are mostly living within a community in ways that they can still relate to others.  It can also be because most people have chosen to live where they are now.

The other hub I find gets a lot of readers is the hub on Dracula, and most readers there are rather disappointed since when I wrote it I wrote it as a question of an alternate ending to a life.  A what if... but most people read it and move on.

It seems the common thread here is that the fascination with Transylvania is its people and not the history of the land.