What Is Transylvania to You?

What is this land to you?  Is it a place where your family came from or is it a place where it is more a place of stories.

Transylvania can be all of these things, and it can also be a political place where people will want to debate who and what and where for a long time.

Transylvania is a place where a name can mean many different things.  It is a place where many cultures lived, and still live, and as a consequence a city might have several names that mean something to someone, but not to another.

Transylvania is a place of myths and legends.  Some are fictional, most are, and some are based upon real life people.

Transylvania is still untouched by man, it still has many natural resources and many places where nature still is the most powerful and precious resource.

It is a place on a map, but really what does Transylvania mean to you?