Blogs On Transylvania: A Few Points of View

There are many blogs out there, and there are millions of readers out there.  One of these blogs is about Transylvania.  What I have always wondered is who write blogs on Transylvania?  I am certainly not the only person.

It is a unique topic that is for certain.  Admittedly the people who do come and read blogs such as these are smart and well informed of teh area.  A writer in this place needs to know of many things.  In this case, blogs sould have a focus, and this one is about history and legends. 

Since politcs and this region are a resonably interesting idea, one must be prepared to pay some attention to that, but not focus on it.  Maps and the information they give are great visuals, and they do give a lot of information.

Then there is the ever popular Dracula and where this legend was born, and where teh person whom this legend was based upon is found.

Blogs are important and none more so about a place like this where information is ever changing and one can learn so much.

So in Asking this which blogs do you like to read?