The Countess of the Blood and Bram Stoker's Dracula

The history of Transylvania is impressive and rich.  The peoples are unique and fascinating.  Yet, there are so many links to both Hungary and Romania.  One person who made the writing of Bram Stoker so interesting was a prince of Wallachia (he was also considered a warlord)

Yet, There is another person who without many knowing had an effect on  Stoker's writing.

Her name was the countess of Blood, and she was of Hungarian origin ( a Hungarian noblewoman)  and she probably had some effect on Stoker's writing.

Yet it is not Bram Stoker who puts Elizabeth Bathory into the Dracula story, but another Stoker, who wrote Dracula the undead.  I suspect that it is because of the legend that his great-uncle wrote a bit of Count Dracula into her.

Yet, for all the writing about a fictional character, the real man (Vlad Tepes Dracula) was as interesting as the Countess of the blood.