Is Transylvania all About Dracula?

Dracula is one popular subject, at the same time, the more places know of the land of Transylvania the more likely that you will have money coming into the area, and this might help the exodus of trained workers leaving the Transylvania area to better job markets.

Transylvania is not all about Dracula, but it is a good portion of the tourism industry in the area.  In fact Queen Marie of Romania's descendants wanted to make Bran Castle into a "Dracula" site.  The thing was that Vlad Tepes probably never set foot into the castle.  Yet, Queen Marie used the Castle extensively, and renovated it a lot.

So, that brings back the question, is Transylvania all about Dracula?

I would think not, I believe it thinks about the monetary potential that a fictional character has on the land.  For some Vlad Tepes was a minor warlord and to others a dangerous person with a lot of power.