The Man Who Made Count Dracula

This is the writer of the original novel Dracula.  Now his name is Bram Stoker, and he lived in both Ireland and England.

Seems like a very unlikely person to write a novel where the main character is based outside of your countries.  Stoker in fact was more of a romance novelist 9 or gothic romance).  Yet, his greatest claim is the novel Dracula. After writing Dracula in 1897, he went on to write more horror novel, and Gothic style novels.

Legend has it that he wrote Dracula on a dare, and this also included other famous writers.  However he had no contact with these writers some of them being dead by the time he wrote Dracula. 

Upon looking at one of his original manuscripts, it was found that the original title was "un-Dead'  when his great-grand nephew Dracre Stoker wrote the sequel to Dracula there was a nod to this title when he entitled his novel "Dracula: The Un-Dead"