What is Transylvania? Royalty, Dracula and Politics

When I asked a few people what isTransylvania?  The answers were intresting.  There is a point where people mistake facts and myths.

Answers ranged from: Dracula, to royalty to politics.

Politics I suspect define what Transylvania is about to many people who lived in Europe.  They view Transylvania as a place where people have different points of view.  For example, they point to the fat that the Romanian revolution of 1989 would not have happened without Transylvania.  (In fact, it was in the Banat region where the first city protested) 

Dracula.  This myth has had a profound influence on North American perceptions of Transylvania.

Royalty:  Queen Marie of Romania, King Micheal of Romania, the many grand Princes of Transylvania, the Kings of Hungary.  These people all helped to shape the land as it is now.