Comments Can Be HArd When They Deal With Transylvania.

I have several hubs up about Transylvania and Romania and Hungary and while like most people I have enjoyed the comments and debates that this has had, there is one thing which has made me stop comments from anonymous sources.

My only hub which has comment from anonymous sources disabled is this one.  I personally decided to do so when the insults hit a fever pitch.  In fact I have access to IP addresses of these people, and at first I simply added moderation, but one bad apple as they say spoiled the bunch.  In fact this person seemed to think they knew a lot about Transylvania, which I am certain they did.

The key problem is that a debate is good, but when it comes down to insulting people, that is what caused it to be closed to anonymous comments, and yet, at the same time, two other hubs which are as popular, on on Dracula and then one on Queen Marie are not closed to anonymous comments, and like many of my blog posts, get a lot of visitors, but not a lot of comments.

Commenting can be hard when it deals with Transylvania.