Dracula and the Blood Countess and Tyrants

The question I was asked is this would you consider Count Dracula and the Blood Countess tyrants?

No, I would not.  For one thing Count Dracula is a character in a novel, and since they were referring to the countess of the blood, I would also say no.

However, if they were referring to two people Vlad Tepes and Elizabeth Bathory (known as Vlad Dracul, and Elizabeth Bathory sometimes known as Countess of Transylvania-- her husband being a Count, after her infamous killing she was known as the blood countess.)
Vlad Tepes is found in many books, including the book 100 tyrants, which both are found in.  While I agree that Vlad Tepes was a warlord and could be considered a tyrant, I am not so sure about a serial killer, who is reported to have killed around 600 young girls for their blood.

It is just as well that the castle where these committed these killing is now in ruins in a protected park.