Europe and Transylvania

Transylvania is a small area in Europe.  Yet, it is and has been an important area that many of the central European countries wanted in their sphere of influence.  Why?

In the many forest of Transylvania there are direct pathways to central Europe.  During the Roman Empire the rulers of Rome wanted it for protection and expansion.  This was also known as the gateway to Vienna, and as such the Hapsburgs and Hungarian kings wanted this land protected.

There were always people there, some were culturally Romanians, or Hungarians, but later there were Germans, and Roma and many others.  Such a diverse land was also the home of many religions: and this had an effect of building a place where it was valued due to its natural resources and pathways to the East.

Still, now, Transylvania is not as "important" and yet, is still of value to the peoples of central Europe. 

Image of Transylvania, lighter is Transylvania proper, darker yellow is the Banat