If There Wasn't A Dracula Would You Make Money in Tourism in Transylvania?

Dracula it appears is back in North American news again.  This time it is in 3-D... It is slated to appear sometime soon.  After the newest novel from Dacre Stoker, there is a rumor of a feature film with Dracula and the Countess of Blood Elizabeth Bathory.  This is apparently going to be based upon his novel Dracula the undead.

So does Dracula still make money in tourism to Transylvania?

Alba Iluia, a place to visit
 In a word no.  Transylvania is now pushing the UNESCO cities and pushing the tourism to other places other than Bran Castle.  However there is a strong affinity to go and see Transylvania for partly that reason.  Most people do not these days relate Dracula to Transylvania, unless they are doing a  tour.

So there would still be money in tourism for Transylvania even if there wasn't a Dracula based in Transylvania.