John Hunyadi and the Dracula Connection

Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler had an interesting life.  Yet what most people forget is that he had a family which was as interesting and fasinating as he was.  None more so than his father, Vald II Tepes who was also known as Vald Dracul, having recieved this name when he joined the Order of the Dragon.

So what does he have to do with John Hunyadi?

He was at one time an ally to Vald II and also his enemy after the battle of Varna.  This was a defeat that he blamed on Vald II-- yet many reports would lay the blame on Hunyadi, including Vlad and his eldest son Mircea.  Although they would not personally fight, Vlad Tepes would die in Wallachia, whereas Hunyadi would die in Belgrade.

The difference at the end of their lives was remarkable.  Hunyadi died defending the Christan faith and for that was revered, and Vlad II died and his remains are buried in a place unknown, and it was left to his younger son, Vlad III Tepes to continue to fight for the viviode of Wallachia that they had.  He would be exiled to Transylvania and return but would never face the man who indirectly create the downfall of his father.  Hunyadi died five years after his father.

Even so, it is a great thing to have links between the countries that would become Romania and Hungary and benefit Transylvania, with tourism.