Money For Transylvania Means Money For Romania

It is interesting to see what a little bit of tourism can do for a country.  If we talk about Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country it is also very interesting to note which place has the most GDP of a certain country.

Transylvania has one of the larger cities in Romania, and that is Cluj-Napoca, (However, Timisoara is sometimes listed as being a part of Transylvania.) Because of this Transylvania's GDP within Romania is 35% which accounts for a good portion of the GDP.

Most of that is tourism and it is mainly due to this and the natural resources that Transylvania makes this for Romania.  In other words it does make a good deal of money to the country of Romania, and this is why it is valued.

The rest of Romania accounts for 65% of the GDP, but this is centered again in the urban areas.  At the same time it can be said that there is a lot of GDP potential in the area of Transylvania.