Petra's Commentary on Transylvania

I have found that the one thing about special guest blogger is that they offer so much more than what I can do.  They offer some unique and wonderful views on the land and people of Transylvania.

They talk about the topic and give it new eyes and a new point of view.  Petra did this so well and it leads me to thinking what is Transylvania.  This is an important question.

Is it simply a part of a larger country that will always have some meaning to some people, to those who live right now in Transylvania and to those who lived within its borders at one time or another.  It is important to so many, possibly because of its unique place in history?

Is it a place on a map that people will argue over for as long as they are alive?  Or does it have a meaning to them that goes beyond things such as culture, but into something deeper a part of their soul?  Or is it something that these people who live there are too down to earth to worry about?

I think that Petra had it right saying what she said, and that it the reality of Transylvania.  In the end I believe people do care about this place.