Publishing and Transylvania, and Books

When I mentioned that I am self-publishing and will be using Create Space, most were excited, but one person sent me an email asking a very good question: "If you are using Create Space are you really self-publishing?"
Good question but think of it like a blog-- with Create Space, I have my own ISBN and there are many details which make, for me at least, working with this company a good idea. One of them is the idea that it is up to me to make a success of my work. I have been working two long years in writing and editing this non fiction manuscript and it is almost there....
In case you are wondering yes it is about Transylvania, ( more specifically about the Second World War) and yes once it is published I plan to continue to write on this topic. It seems the topic is wide open, and I am excited about the process. So, with this in mind, I am of the belief that if you have your own ISBN you are self-publishing. The most important thing is to get a good editor, and then trust that you are getting good results.

This means that a small topic where it will not seem that having a huge market might be a good thing. Transylvania deserves some exposure to the general population.