Bran Castle and the Teutonic Knights

Along with the Saxons settlers who came from Germany, the Teutonic Knights were invited to come and protect the land of Transylvania from invaders.  In and around this area the Knights constructed a wooden fortification.

Later, this wooden fortification would become a citadel.  There is documented writings from the time of Louis I of Hungary that mentions this Castle.  It was later constructed in the form it one finds it now.

The key to its building was the Teutonic Knights, and then later the Saxons, however, later would become a royal residence of the Romanian Royal Family.  There are more links to these Knights (such as Alba Iulia and other southern cities) in the general area, before their expulsion to Prussia in 1226.

It was there that the formation of Brasov would happen and this would lead to a growth in population later on.

Still there are more links to the Teutonic Knights than there are to Dracula.  There are even more links to Queen Marie than to Dracula, but most Westerners associate this castle with "count Dracula"


Anonymous said…
very interesting
Nancy B said…
Love your blog. Both of my mother's parents were Transylvanian Saxons who emigrated to Canada and U.S. in the 1920's. I've never comprehended the whole history of the region and, at age 52, am just now starting to study it. We have some hair pins (??) that we believe are part of a Saxon costume. Do you happen to have any pictures or information on the traditional costumes? I could send you photos - they really are quite interesting and every jeweller, antiquer, etc. that i've shown them to are clueless as to their history.