The Reason For this Blog? I Find Transylvania...

Because I am close to publishing my book on Transylvania, I am about to take the time to write a bit about what it means to be here, and well writing a book.

I had never intended to take 2 years in writing this book, but Transylvania has a way with people.  In fact to write a book on the Second World War is a big enough subject, but to write a book on the Saxons of Transylvania and how they were affected was.. smaller I thought.

I am planning to write more, and to publish more on Transylvania.  Although it is self-published through CreateSpace, I think the journey has been one where I am planning to write about two cultures which I am learning about, the Hungarians and Romanians of Transylvania...

Wish me luck in this self-publishing adventure.


Lynne said…
I am second generation Canadian of Transylvanian descent.
Blessings on your book! I look forward to reading it when you are finished and have it available in stores.
Tia Hofgraff