Why Have Photos in A Blog?

No not because it make you money, but rather because it helps with certain blogs.

This is a prime example, I need photos to describe the land and area of this place.  It is important that there are photos about Transylvania, maps or pictures of people as this is needed to help a reader with the "telling" of the blog.

Nothing helps better when dealing with a person or a country better than a blog photo.

Before I started putting in photos, I would try to describe thing through words, unfortunately this is not the way people see Transylvania.  Take this photo for example.
This is library in Alba Iluia.  Now if I didn't have a picture of it, you might "see" it differently than I would, I could say it was white and large with many window.  But you might say it is cream coloured with rectangular windows.

The point is that you need photos to show what you are talking about, and that is why I have photos on my blog.

The people I deal with Dracula for instance needs more "pictures" to understand where and what he was in Transylvania.