Would You Spend Money to Go on A Tour of Transylvania?

I was asked would you spend a lot of money to go on a tour of Transylvania and Romania?  I didn't think much of the question, but then I began to think about it.  There are tons of deals out there, but to get what I want, which is to visits all the sites and cities I want to visit, means I am going to be spending money.

It is funny that a long time ago, I would have gone to a few cities which were of Saxon origin or had the Saxons who lived in them, but now, when I go again there are many more cities which I want to visit.  Dracula is one of the reasons I want to go and see things again, but I also want to see more of the history of the many peoples and cultures that lived there.


Iosif said…
To go as a tourist in Romania do not spend money! And do not say this to advertise, but that is my country and I think it is a very beautiful country, which travel lovers do not know yet. Do not know or are influenced by advertising bad that some are trying to do. I do not mean only poor people who advertise Romania, I am including some countries like France.
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