Do You Write a Blog Such As This To Make Money?

I got a very interesting email, and the writer of this email asked me a very good question but it is worth a bit of commentary on it.

"You have been writing this blog for a long while, and I am starting a blog about my hometown, and I want to know since you write a blog which is about travel and history do you write this to make money?  I want to be able to make money in the first year of my blog, and it is like yours, so can it be done?"
Yes, I do write a blog on Transylvania, and I am not sure exactly if it is a travel blog, but I can say it is a history blog.  As for money, well I certainly would not suggest that you go into blogging thinking you will make money on your work.

What makes me continue to write this blog and improve on the writing is the passion for your subject.  I mean you can write all about your hometown, or the history of your hometown but to make money on that blog?

Probably not.

I write about Transylvania because I am passionate about it, and of course want to learn more about it as I go.  There is a lot of information out on the Internet, and I am one of many people who do blog.  This means that I have only one advantage as to why I continue to blog on Transylvania-- I love writing about the land where my family came from.

So, beyond that, why would you continue to write on your blog?  I would suggest that if it is for the money your blog would soon be "non updated" you'd be making more excuses to not update it than you would to update it.  The blog is in and of itself a reason to write, but it is also a reason to show where your heart lies.

There also have to be another reason for writing your blog, your readers, or you are writing a book, but I do not believe it can be entirely about money.

After all that, yes after many years, I do make a bit of money with this blog, but nothing to suggest I am 'big time."  I write for the pleasure of communicating Transylvania, and my thoughts about this land to others.  So, if you are in this niche to make money, you will have a harder time doing this, especially if that is your only reason for writing a blog such as this.