Publishing My Book on Transylvania

 What does it take to publish a book?  A lot of work has gone into writing about Transylvania, and there is more to go when dealing with historical facts and oral history.  I had planned that by this time this year, my published book, In Search of The Lost Ones, would be out to the general public.  Like all dreams this hasn't happened as yet, but I am hopeful that it will in the near future.

Transylvania, and the Saxons have a lot of potential as a niche market book.  There are a lot of self-published, limited run books out there, and people have access to them, but there aren't many that have a huge reach beyond a small community.  It is possible that writing and publishing this book about the German Saxons of Transylvania will make a difference to readers.

It will give them an idea of what life of the community of Germans who lived in Romania before and during the Second World War faced.  Like most people in Eastern Europe, there was always challenges that many people of Western Europe did not face.

Publishing my book on Transylvania is only the first step.  The next is building on that and working towards another book on the same theme.  I plan to have it co-authored, and work with more readers who have a different point of view.

The start is getting readers, and this means that I have to publish this book. Now that the edits are underway, there is a strong momentum towards having more people learn about Transylvania.


Shurik said…
This is awesome :) I got my answer, good to know about the status of your book :). Best of luck. ai grija de tine :)