No, Dracula DID not live There... Or at Least Not This Dracula.

No, the fictional character Dracula lived in the walls of this castle.  This castle is more famous for being a part of the the mountains of Transylvania.

Bran Castle is high up in the mountains, and it borders Wallachia, and Transylvania.  Most people know where Bran Castle is in comparison to many cities in Romania.

The funny part to this is that the Saxons and the Teutonic Knights were the ones who built this Castle, and Vlad Tepes, who never lived there, but was born in Transylvania, was said to have killed many of the Saxons for their support of his enemies.

This Dracula, probably did not own much in Transylvania, but rather as a prince of Wallachia had castles and other homes in the land he would one day reign in.


Shurik said…
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