Is There One Version of Transylvanian History?

Transylvania is unique in many ways since there are a lot of cultures who live or have lived in the area, it is important to think about history in more than one way.  It doesn't take much to understand that there can be some interesting stories and history to the place.  After all it is also about where Transylvania is in \Europe that matters as well.

I would even say that the one thing that most can agree on is that the natural beauty of Transylvania is incredible.  As for every other part of Transylvania, I would go as far as to suggest there isn't one version of history.

The history of Transylvania is varied and interesting, and can come from different sources, for example event eh name of Transylvania is not something that you can say is "correct."  Each culture in Transylvania had a different version of the name of the land that they lived in.

You can even talk about Dracula-- Vlad Tepes, and still have different historical versions, dependant upon whose writings you were to read.  The Germans had a more negative view about Vlad Tepes, than did the Romanians of the land.

So, I do not believe that there is one version of history in Transylvania, rather a lot of reading and thinking are required.