Dracula, Writing and Transylvania, Romania.

I was asked to list a positive thing about the many books written about Count Dracula and the many ways in which it has helped Transylvania, Romania.

I will begin by saying that Dracula has helped Transylvania, it has increased tourism.  While this might seems like a not so great thing, money to a country which will improve the lives of others is a powerful motivator. As it stands many people who are working have left Romania-- more specifically Transylvania in search of better money elsewhere.

Hence, this list of good things which have come out of the writings about Dracula.

1) People know of Transylvania.  They will also learn of the people who lived in the country, the real Dracula and other infamous people.

2) Tourism will increase to famous places such as Bran Castle which is associated with Count Dracula.

3) more tourism means more jobs, which means a growth of GDP for Romania.

4) It provides a reference to history and might make people want to learn more about Transylvania.  yes, they know that there is a place called Transylvania, but they will learn so much more than that.

5) It encourages the arts.  This might lead to someone who is from Romania to write about their country to the Western world.