Is Transylvania History Vital? Or Is It Something Else?

Most do think that Transylvania has a history which is thousands of years long.  There are many key figures and people during this time, who would shape and build Transylvania.

The people were the Dacians, the Romans, the Knights Templar, the Hungarians, the Austrians, the Jewish community, the Roma, the Romanians and countless others.

Because of this, there are many versions of the history of Transylvania.  Some parts are better known than others, whereas some are mythical and fictional.

Is Transylvania's history vital?

Yes it is, to many people, and events, for a long time it was the way from the East into Vienna and the Romans fought for it because of its natural resources.  In other words the things that many might have wanted was money.

Queen Marie used gold from Transylvania mines to make her coronation crown in 1922.  Vlad needed people to support him.  So is it something else, not history but money?