What Would You Spend Money On?: Dracula or Bran Castle?

There is a lot of questions that one can ask but here is a good one:  What would you spend your money on?  If you were to go and tour Transylvania, what would you spend your money on to go and see?

The birthplace of Dracula?

Bran Castle?

The cities of Transylvania?

Or Hotel Dracula?( Note that there was not such a place until tourists came along!  This is not where Dracula or any of the character from Dracula stayed.)

Most people might be quick to answer that they would go and see all of Transylvania, but there are always a few must see places.  It can be a city or a town, but it can also be something you simply have to look at to believe.  it is vital that people come to see the history of Transylvania... but...

Many people here are quick to say they would go and see Bran Castle, after all you might think it is a tourist place, but some will go and see it because of Dracula.