Tourism Transylvania, and Royalty

Alba Iulia is a lovely town.  It is a great tourism draw for Transylvania.  It is interesting to find the history behind each place.  The city is full of it.  There have been many royal events there.  There have been many defining moments there as well.

For Transylvania, this is a must see city.

Royalty is as important to Romania, as it is to many countries.  Although there is not a royal family who "reigns" there now, there was once.  One of the more famous Romanian royal couples were: King Ferdinand and Queen Marie.

This royal couple was crowned King and Queen of Greater Romania in Alba Iulia.  The Hungarians also had history there as well, and like Hungary and its history there is more to learn.

Alba Iulia was a Roman fort, and has been there for countless centuries.  It is also the burial sites for many of the Hungarian royals of Transylvania.  This is an important note since many people see Transylvania as being a huge area with more natural resources than tourism attractions.