Transylvania: Royal Relations

All of these people in these photos directly are related to each other, but you'll have a bit of a challenge if you do not know the links.

Photo 1:  Queen Marie of Romania, and some of her children, most notably, Crown Prince Carol.

Photo 2: Tsar Alexander, His son Alexander, and his wife Empress Marie of Russia, in photo one they are the grandparent and uncle of Queen Marie of Romania, and the great-grandparents and great- uncle of crown Prince Carol.

Photo 3: King Micheal of Romania, his grandmother Queen Marie and his father king Carol II are found in photo 1.  They are part of the Romanian Royal family.

These people in photos 1 and 3 would have the most direct links to Transylvania.  However, it is not King Micheal who has the most connection to Transylvania, but rather his cousins of his aunt Archduchess Ileana of Austria.  Her descendants have possession of Bran Castle.  where is it in Transylvania?  close to Brasov/