Should Every Voice Be Heard? Politcs and Transylvania

Should each person who has a view on where and who should govern Transylvania be heard?

Should we listen to people who think that Transylvania has reason for being in Hungary or Romania, or even elsewhere?  Do people try to argue it with past events, and yet, have others argue the same point only in the opposing view.  i've had friends who lived in Hungary and also ones who live in Romania.  When it comes to Transylvania, everyone has a point of view.

Some people even go as far as to make factually incorrect points. Some will suggest historical events which others cannot verify.  Yet, they makes it sound as if they are responsible.  The reader needs to think and not be emotional.  It does not often work that way.  If a person has a connection to the land or to the politics of the country.

Should every view be heard?

Many views are important.  If people have a voice then they are allowed a say.  At the same time they need to offer facts and not feelings.  Even when they deal with legends and peoples.  Or, in this case how a feeling is changed with the lens of time.

The people who influenced Romania, such as Queen Marie.  She was instrumental in getting Transylvania as a part of the Paris Peace Accords at the end of the First World War. (She is quoted as saying we must have Transylvania.) She was an English born princess, but Marie of Edinburgh was more German and Russian in origin. (Her mother was Russian and her father, although born a British Prince, was mostly of German origin.)

Her comments about Romania are keeping with the times, she was honest about her initial dislike of Romania.  That part of her history is minimized and her efforts in the First World War are considered her legacy.

Still each thing one learns means that you can build on the knowledge and the idea that others have something to offer.  The problem is that like each person (Vlad Tepes included) has something to offer to Transylvania.

Her children, for example did not do much to help Romania, however her grandson, King Michael of Romania, is starting to have his voice heard in the context of Romania.

Should every voice in politics be heard?  In this case, there are many who should not, only because they represent a very small minority of the country.  They should have every right to have their voices heard during elections.