Transylvania's Castles: Bran Castle And Dracula

I enjoy the castles of Transylvania.  There is so much history to them.  Bran Castle is the most famous by far, but there are many others which have histories all their own.

Of course, the other ones have just as much history and tourism value as the next, but it is more interesting to look at the history of each.  Not only that, for example, the castle which is shown in ruins was the home of Elizabeth Bathory.

Elizabeth Bathory now features in the sequel to Dracula.  She is in the book Dracula: The Un-Dead.  Still it is of interest to note that Bran Castle is not mentioned as much in this book.

At the same time, this is a boon for Transylvania and the tourism industry. More people will go to Transylvania to see these castles, and might be encouraged to see more Transylvanian castles.