Vlad Tepes and Michael The Brave: Why Did One Become Dracula

Vlad Tepes and Michael the Brave were two men in and around the same time frame who wanted what was best for Transylvania.  yet, when all is said and done, most people look upon Michael the Brave more highly than Vlad Tepes.

One became Dracula and one united what would become Greater Romania in 1919. One can argue that in many ways their view was personal power.  These days Dracula is the money maker for Transylvania, so it can also be argued that since he has made money for Romania, then he is better.  Except that does not answer what he became Dracula in Stoker's Novel.

Still, it would mean that at the time of Michael's ascension as Grand Prince of Transylvania he wanted to unite the three main Principalities of the region and it was against the dangers of invasion and danger from The Turks of the time. At least one can argue he did want what was best for Transylvania.  If he had lived longer, history might have given us a better answer.

This is partly why he is not Dracula and Tepes formed teh basis for teh famous novel by Stoker.