Queen of Hungary: Isabella Jaiellon, Burial in Transylvania

This is Isabella Jaiellon, and she was born in Poland and would become Queen of Hungary.  Her husband would die weeks after the birth of their son, and she would serve as regent.

When she died she was buried in Alba Iulia.  This might not seem like an important person, she is in fact someone who would do anything to protect her son.  As it was, John II Sigismund would abdicate power in Transylvania to the Hapsburgs in 1570 he would become prince of Transylvania.  His mother, Isabella died in 1559.

She was at the center of the battle between her husband and the Emperor Ferdinand of Austria, who wanted influence on the people and the Kingdom of Hungary.  During this time, she lived in Alba Iulia as well, and the consort of Ferdinand, Anna, was born in Buda ( later a part of Budapest.)  Isabella would outlive Anna by 12 years.


Belá said…
Interesting post. In Hungary, the rule of the House Jagiellon is regarded to signify a period of decline, because they sold out to Hapsburg influence.
Yes, in fact there is very little on the family. Her name is mentioned, but not much either.