Alba Iulia: two Amazing Pictures

The  two images below are important, they are more than 400 years apart and yet, for many have great meaning. This is about Romania and Transylvania but the city is the same: Alba Iulia. Somethings of course changed. The images directly below is in 1918, and this is the convention where the peoples of Transylvania held a vote to decide to join with the Kingdom of Romania or not. For the most part, the Saxon and Romanians voted yes, whereas other including the Hungarians voted against this.

This image is of the entrance into Alba Iulia in 1599. It is of Micheal the Brave the prince who for a year united the three principalities of Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldavia. This would be one of the First times that the three principalities would be united under one leader.

In 1600, Micheal the Brave was killed. This ended the unification, but the key city in both these places was: Alba Iulia.