Dracula: The First Edition Cover Doesn't Seem So Scary

I think that The first edition print of Dracula doesn't seem as scary as what would be to come.  It was in many ways a sort of interesting cover.  You wouldn't think it would be scary.

In fact you can argue that the writer of Dracula didn't seem all that scary either.  After all he did write Romance novels, and one could argue that Dracula does have that element of romance.

The thing that changes over the years was what people wanted to see in the horror genre.  After many years, Ian Holt and Dacre Stoker wrote a sequel to Dracula which is very different from the original and yet, it is in a similar format.  Still Transylvania, and Bran Castle play a strong role in the writing.

This cover has a strong element of people knowing this will be a horror novel.  Although it is not gory horror it has that element of horror to it.  The biggest change was the addition of another person, and a bit of "romance", in the form of the Countess of the Blood- Elizabeth Bathory.