In Search of The Lost Ones: On Amazon Soon, but You Can Buy It Now

This is great news!  it's something I've been waiting for.  Just a bit excited, no okay, a lot excited!

In a few days the book will be out on amazon, it's very exciting to see!  Some days that name in lights is a pretty cool thing.  For now it is available on CreateSpace, but you can go and see In Search of The Lost Ones right here.  I made a lot of choices, but I am pleased with the book.

Now, back to the old grind of getting another book published.  This is what living a life of writing is all about.  The next book will be on Transylvania as well, and that's a pretty nice thing.  I think having a series about Transylvania is a positive thing.

Mind you, I am a bit biased, as I do write this blog!