Where is the Book? Transylvania is Important!

It's interesting how people view Transylvania. I have published my book, and many people are interested in it, and this is a good thing in my mind. However I have noticed something: most people are interested in the stories of the people in the Second World War, but not so much about Transylvania.

I want to say that no matter what: Transylvania is important. It is important to the people I have interviewed and also to others. This is a place where people have lived for thousands of years. I can say it again Transylvania is important.

On that note, since more people know about my book, it is a point of interest to others. This is a good thing and this has in my mind helped improve the visibility of Transylvania. This goes beyond the questions of where is Transylvania.

Where is my book? People can find it on Amazon.com, and I want them to learn about Transylvania.