Books on Vlad Tepes: Dracula

I recently did a quick search on the book website and what I found was very interesting to me.  I wouldn't like to keep you in suspense about my search terms, so I will give this to you:  Transylvania and Dracula.

I narrowed the search down to history books and found 33 results.  What interested me was that the top book was about Dracula and his life and times.  It seems to be a good book, and I will probably read it on Kindle.  The reviews and generally positive so that seems to be a point in its favour.

There are a lot of printed books and e-books on the subject of Transylvania and Vlad Tepes, and as for man and myth, I think there will be a few books which are going to be a very informative read.  It is all about Transylvania and Romania

Except that writing about this land and about Vlad Tepes means dealing with Dracula.