Why a Blog Needs Traffic To Survive: It is Like Tourism and Transylvania

Transylvania needs tourism to help its culture survive and thrive as a part of Romania.  This is somewhat like a blog on Transylvania, it needs traffic -- attention from readers -- to survive and to thrive.  This means writing on a regular basis. Blogging is one part commentary and two parts Internet savvy.

You need to build up and maintain your readership, and particularly if you write about a niche subject like Transylvania, you need to work far harder than you thought possible
. I am amazed by the number of books and other reading material out there on Transylvania and Romania and Hungary.  There is a need and desire for people to know about this part of the world.

The same hold true for blogs: they need traffic to survive in this environment, and many thanks go out to the newest writer on Things about Transylvania.  Jane is an excellent writer, and often works her magic on this blog.  This blog, thanks to her and the readers here, has increased traffic.  I hope this is because the posts have more information, or more people would like to learn about Romania.

It also helps that many people have an interest in Transylvania and of course, Dracula -- an intriguing character and an interesting fictional bridge to a true-life tyrant - and telling great stories and giving them historical context is good way to improve readership.  Readers need to read what they love, and that is Transylvania and its history, and Dracula.

So how do tourism in Transylvania and blogging in general relate? 

Both are providing information and entertainment that people need and both have to build up a following and work hard at what they do.  The heart of Transylvania is tourism and the heart of a blog is traffic and for each of them to grow, you need to provide your audience with the best information possible.