In Search of The Lost Ones, Publishing is Fun

Publishing a book about Transylvania is a challenge, as it is a niche market, but it means the world to an author when the book they wrote and worked hard on is found, and purchased, and the best is to see that sales have happened. This is when writers jump for joy that someone has done something, other than say that your work seems interesting.

The best was seeing that there are sales in a niche market, and writing about Transylvania has always been a niche market no matter what.  It took time to grow this blog, and like any other niche market there were days when I wondered if writing about Transylvania, Romania was worth it.  Thanks to readers I know it was.  The idea that there is a rank and number to Amazon makes it all the more interesting to anyone who wants to know where to improve.  Readers speak with money and with time.  In this case, not everyone can have a kindle through  Some readers, especially in European markets are allowed to purchase through their respective stores.  It's all about working with the readership you have.  It's harder when the book is about history and not about Count Dracula.

After publishing a niche market book, I can say that I find it. awesome to see some numbers, especially from Amazon. Today I wanted to share a bit of success about In Search of the Lost Ones, note that the numbers will have changed, but I have gone and looked at my book, and with a marketing plan in place, there seems to be reason to tell people-  My paperback version of In Search of The Lost Ones is having a great couple of days on

Most of my readership were trilled to learn they can buy this book in Canadian Prices... and this made a huge difference in sales.  It also is helped by the fact that readers can purchase books like mine in the United Kingdom, Germany and France at a low cost.  In fact, this afternoon I looked and found that In the European History section on my book was ranked as number 11.  That's only for today, and that can change by the hour.  This does mean that another book will need to be published to maintain momentum and build an author reputation.

That comes from people like you, our readers here on Things About Transylvania, and buying the book. With this in mind, I have two very important words to say to you: