How Many Castles are in Transylvania?

Most people are familiar with Bran Castle, which is located in Brasov county, as one of the many castles in Transylvania.  However, beyond that most people are not as familiar with the castles that are in Transylvania.

There are over 100 castles in various states of repair.  Some, like Bran Castle, have been restored to a state where tourists can visit.  Others have not been rebuilt and are now ruins.

This is an image of the restored Bran Castle.  Queen Marie of Romania had it restored to a livable castle, and after her death it was inherited by one of her daughter's children.  After the communists gained power in Romania, Bran Castle fell into disrepair once again and it was not until many years later that more restorations were undertaken.

There are other castles that are equally as interesting and one of those is ann entire city, still considered a castle or a citadel.  The city is Sighişoara, and it was one of the "seven castles" of the Transylvanian Saxons who call it Schäßburg.

Sighişoara was also the birthplace of Vlad Tepes III, when his father went into exile.  It is one of the most interesting tourist sites to visit most importantly during the autumn, when a medieval festival takes place in the city.  It is still an active and busy city, and like many of the castles of Transylvania, Romania, it is a UNESCO heritage site.

There are a lot of historical sites and a lot of history in Transylvania that comes alive with the help of these citadels and castles.  Transylvania has so many castles to explore and to learn about.