Is Transylvania Home to Werewolves?

There are many legends about vampires in Transylvania.  There are even people who many describe as vampires.  Two of those people who mentioned are Vlad Tepes and Countess Elizabeth Bathory.  There is another, better known legend in Transylvania.  That is the legend werewolf.

There were wolves in many part of Eastern Europe, and there are an equal number of legends surrounding werewolves circulating. In Hungary, it was once believed that werewolves were young children who were traumatized in some way and left home at the age of seven.  There are other legends telling stories about how one might become a werewolf as a adult.

In Romania there are similar legends of people who become animals.  This is something that most people of Transylvania were aware of.  They were careful around wolves and other animals, but for the most part simply took the stories for what they were -- legends or fairy tales.

Is Transylvania home to werewolves?  No it is not. The legend of werewolves however is as alive in Europe today as it has been for many centuries.  If there truly was a place where werewolves lived, then there would be some type of tourist attraction there.  Count Dracula and werewolves are a myth, but that has not stopped people from wanting to learn more about the land of Transylvania -- myths and all.