Is Transylvania a Part of Europe?

I received an email recently, and try as I might I can't seem to think that somehow, people are somewhat misinformed about where Transylvania is today.

As of right now, Transylvania is not an independent country, and it is a part of Romania.  It was a part of Hungary until 1919 and the Treaty of Paris.  This was after the First World War, and at this time, the King of Hungary Charles II (also Emperor of Austria) had left his Empire.  There was a vote made by the people of Transylvania to unite with Romania.

This happened. After 1919, Transylvania became a part of Romania, and King Ferdinand and Queen Marie were crowned as rulers of Greater Romania. They would rule from 1914- 1927 until the death of King Ferdinand.

However, note that both Romania and Hungary are a part of Europe so Transylvania is a part of Europe..  They are a part of what is known as southeastern Europe and it too has a interesting history which dates back centuries.